A great story

Jason says, “I promptly checked into the Gansevoort Hotel and started partying. Had a few girls come over because once again figured I’dn’t be doing that for a while. When the policemen came, Jason thought, ‘Well, at least I am wearing my $2,800 rabbit fur-lined jumper because who would like to look like a man?’ When the coolest guys snapped on the handcuffs, all Jason recall thinking was how I believed NY Confidential would survive for 25 years.”

heavenly escortsAt first, Jason was assured that his attorneys, Bergrin and Sachs, after all those free drinks and that cash, would bail him out. That didn’t occur.

Down deep, Jason always knew that after everyone had had their fun when all was said and done, he’d be the one to buy it. As a “predicate” felon from judge’sconsidered Mdma importation, Itzler’s facing a four-and-a-half-to-nine-year sentence. There’s the question of his busted parole, even if he defeats that. Sitting in Rikers, playing with poker once again Jason has lots of time.

“Natalia was a young celebrity who came to the Big Apple like lots of young performers, and I wound up with the character of an eternity. Natalia was the Perfect 10. Natalia absolutely was. we were joyful . . . for a time, truly joyful.”

Among the matters is what occurred to all the cash that has been made at NY Confidential. A standard theory, one Itzler advanced in a recent Post report, is that Clark Krimer, who might or might not be joining forces with the D.A., took it all.

“Itzler stole $400,000,” Jason says. “Itzler should be in jail. If anyone laundered money, it is Itzler.”

When it comes down to it, yet, Jason says he does not need to think about the fact or Krimer if Waldroup just answered the telephones that he stays in jail. “I am remaining positive,” Jason says, free of cynicism. “It’s like Jason told the girls, if you smile a phony smile, keep grinning it because a phony grin can be a genuine grin.”

luscious escorts“The trouble with NY Confidential was it did not go far enough,” Jason says now. “If you want to come up with the top-notch folks, the best-looking girls and the coolest men, you can not cease with a couple of hours. It must be a life commitment.” The rabbi told Jason that as a Jewish pimp who sold girls to guys that were Jewish, he was responsible for the offense of kedesha. The rabbi did not, nevertheless, believe Jason was always kept by this transgression from becoming a conventional matchmaker, or a shadchan.

“Jason believe I’ve an opportunity to do something great before I expire.

As for Natalia, she’s “keeping a low profile.” Natalia went to see Jason, last week. Happily Jason did not talk about getting married inside the penitentiary too much. Mainly they talked about the odd times even if it turned out the manner it did and they had been through it was worth it.

Since she received scarcely any of her booking cash and is fairly busted today, folks ask Natalia if she is thinking about coming back to “work.”